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Who We are.

Thank you for visiting our site. We welcome and encourage you to take some time to look around, click on the links above and get to know our passion for this incredible breed! At Lucky Penny Aussies we are dedicated to assisting the placement of new family members in their forever home. The intelect of these amazing, devoted fur babies is off the charts. Aussies have been trained to be everything from working dogs to therapy dogs. The term velcro dog has been used by many parents of this breed to try to explain how dedicated they are to their pack.

Dogs from this lineage have been successfully trained in assisting military personnel with PTSD and enjoy training for water therapy to assist those with physical handicaps in children's hospitals and retirement communities. The puppies we produce here are well socialized, handled daily, fed quality food, & have 24 hour outdoor play & potty access as soon as they become mobile at 4 weeks of age. 

Australian Shepards give their hearts and souls to their pack and come in many activity levels. At Lucky Penny Aussies we do our best to select our Sires and Dames so that they offer the greatest possible range of activity levels with a focus on moderate activity levels so our pups will fit almost every family situation.

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Lucky Penny Aussie's site is a living site. We update the site as we receive more information about changes to policy and announcement of our new arrivals as our family grows. As changes occur we will do our best to update this part of the Home Page to give returning visitors a place to go to access the most current items and updates.