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ALL Lucky Penny Australian Shepherd puppies are AKC and ASCA registered. All puppies are sold with registration paperwork the new owner will receive at the time of pick up so that you that you have the choice to register your new family member with either or both registries or choose not to register them at all. 


AKC is American Kennel Club & began registering PUREBRED dogs in 1878. AKC is the most recognized & respected dog club registry in the world & began registering Australian Shepherds in 1991. More info at

ASCA is Australian Shepherd Club of America & is the largest single breed dog registry in North America registering & promoting only the breed of Australian Shepherds since 1957. More info at


Lucky Penny Aussies does not sale "mini's, toys, & teacups" because they are not recognised by AKC or ASCA. You can find more information posted on both AKC & ASCA's websites.  

We highly recommend that you don't purchase a puppy you plan to raise litters with from a breeder that does not have the registration paperwork readily available at time of sale. When we decided to become Austrailian Shepheard breeders we  purchased a puppy from another breeder and we were told the breeder would mail the paperwork because AKC was having trouble getting her paperwork filed. She promised to mail the AKC and ASDR registration. Three months later we received only the ASDR paperwork and still haven't heard from AKC about that paperwork.